Hsinta Ecological power plant construction project international competition

The Hsinta Electri-City
The proposal will maintain the areas historical identity by taking the power plant as the main township development strategy for the Hsinta town area, the urban concept is to interconnect the local biological and ecological diversity to the power plant area due to its surrounding heavily fish farming industry. The landscape plan will re-shape back to its nature’s original landscape. Creating a visitor’s leisure and nature environment for Hsinta local area.

The emergent mountain like peak reflects the sustainable system through the site. The proposal creates a circulation network which stiches together the separate fabric from all directions. It gives a permeable and natural interface for locals and visitors to channel through the site. The cross of circulation links up a series of vibrant public programs for both the locals and tourists.

Client: Taiwan Power Company (R.O.C)
Year: 2018
Project Status: Concept Design International competition (Honorable mention)
Lead Architect: Max Yang, Eric Lu
Project Team: Joe Chan
Design Area: 265 acres