Bandar Cemerlang Masterplan

Building concept:
Bander Cemerlang has already established an identity through its positioning in the small hillside of the Iskandar Malaysia, This site is distinctive in character, poised with very accessible transportation links with Jalan Jemaluang. It has been a place of cultural significance and memory for generations. Its formatted landscape of oil palm planting, along with the natural green of the surrounding area highlights its superb natural assets.

It is a peaceful landscape, ideally distanced away from the concentrated working district, residents have a short commute to work. It is a place that excites the imagination, while still expressing the patrimony and pride of Malaysia as a country. The proposed masterplan pattern for Bandar Cemerlang focuses on four distinctive development areas, each aims to engage and benefit the natural potential of the sites physical resources. The site has unique and uninterrupted access to views as it is a north facing planning scheme.

Client: Crescendo Corporation Bhd
Year: 2019
Project Status: Phase 1 completed
Project Team:
Designer architect: MAUD-(Maxthreads Architectural & Urban Design) UK
Lead Architect: Christabel Lee, Max Yang, Kris Hsiao
Project team:, Key Liu
Local Landscape Architect: Asia Flora & Landscape Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Design Area: Total 1,390 acres