Bandar Cemerlang

Design concept of the phase 1 Bandar Cemerlang masterplan housing development is heavily derived from its nature surrounding. The design intent is to develop less total land area to provide more green space for recreation and enhancing the overall living quality and improve the environment while allowing the same number of total housing units as it would have been allowed for a conventional subdivision. This will reflect the overall Bandar Cemerlang’s masterplan mind set.
The houses settled in a garden. The houses are designed with patterned screen on the window side acting as sun screen, this allows the morning sunlight casting the starry lighting effect into the living spaces. The pattern is designed from the traditional Malaysian cultural pattern which reflecting the well-being.
The house design re-examines the boundaries of interior space on the ground level by the use of natural light and patterned screen elevations towards the north east directions. These windowed elevations on the ground floor are used as dynamic partitions, while the upper screen allows filtered sunlight into the master suite.

Client: Crescendo Corporation Bhd
Year: 2018
Project Status: Completed
Project Team
Design architect: MAUD-(Maxthreads Architectural & Urban Design) UK
Lead Architect: Kris Hsiao ,Key Liu
Project team: Dorothy Liu
Local Architect: Shmok Architect, Malaysia
Design Area: phase 1