Bandar Cemerlang Masterplan

Building concept:
The identity of Bandar Cemerlang is already fi rmly established through its distinctive configuration in the small hillside of the Iskandar Malyasia. The site is poised with ease transportation link with Jalan Jemaluang. Bandar Cemerlang has been the repository of cultural memories for generations. Its oil palm planting formatted landscape and natural green surrounded area are superb natural assets. The site is located within a peaceful landscape with short travelling distance to concentrated working district. They excite the imagination. They express the patrimony and pride of Malaysia. The emerging master plan pattern of Bandar Cemerlang focuses on four distinct development areas, each intensifying the natural potential of the site physical resources, its unique exposure to views, and the north-south facing planning scheme.

The environmental program of Bandar Cemerlang guides responsible development. Natural ecological systems are identified through series of natural parks, preserved and extended, especially in the residential areas. The characterised planting is integrated throughout. Commercial density and residential development in the closed community protect and defi ne open space, all building design are north-south facing design to reduce the heating effect for most effective energy saving homes.Succeed

The development plan of Bandar Cemerlang emphasises a rational delivery process. It is designed to be highly flexible, allowing incremental phasing. The simple, clear urban patterns and well-defined precincts and neighbourhoods allow incremental build-out to achieve coherence at every stage, while providing appropriate and flexible planning options to respond to changing market conditions.

Client : Crescendo Corporation Bhd
Year: 2015
Project Status : Phase 1 under construction
Project Team :
Designer Architect: MAUD-(Maxthreads Architecture Urban Design) UK
Lead Architect : Christabel Lee, Max Yang, Kris Hsiao
Project team : Alessandro Sardone, Jack kang, Cathy Chang, Key Liu
Local Landscape Architect : Asia Flora & Landscape Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Design Area : Total 1,390 acres