Kaohsiung Port Station Urban Design:
Infiltrated Cultural & Ecological Urbanism

Maxthreads’ proposal is to infiltrate and to re-conceal the community and biodiversity from its historical pattern. The concept master plan finds fundamental inspiration in the strong historical identity of the railway line, and the identity of historical industrialisation background of Kaohsiung city.

The development is inspired by the culturally and biologically response between the new city urban fabric and existing old town Yen Chan district. The guiding principle of the masterplan proposal is to inspire a meaningful sense of community and a shared commitment for social and environmental responsibility. The proposal introduces a series of urban agriculture farming phases and historically integrated parks. The strategy infiltrates and conceals the community and biological diversity from the nearby Wan Shu Mountains. It furthermore reflects the historical transformation of Kaohsiung city from an industrial city to a contemporary cityscape.

Project team : Max Yang, Wayne Chen
Design Area: 785 Acres
Year: 2011
Project Status: Competition entry ( 2nd prize)
External Consultant: M-Fab