Cathy Office Property

Cathy office tower is located at the historical site of Nankang Taipei city, a former industrial warehouse area. It is an intricately composed warehouse and industrial estate Complex, integrating three principal facilities: Offices, ground floor retail and urban plaza. The design projects a unifying composition, while each facility maintains its identity and expression befitting to its function.

The two towers of Offices are joined together at the upper level, creating the visual metaphor of an opening door. The central civic Park project forward on either side, signifying their independence as well as their dialogue across the landscape.

The landscaped Civic Park, or “Green Carpet”, penetrates the heart of the project linking the city with the waterfront, gives park to the citizens and brings them right through the heart of new urban re-generation plan.

The floor plan is strategically breaks into 2 wings to allow the maximum numbers of units per floor without compromising the quality of residence. The aim is to reducing the numbers of units per lift core making it more efficient.

Client: Cathy real estate
Year: 2016
Project Status: Proposal
Designer architect:
Design architect:MAUD-(Maxthreads Architecture Urban Design)UK
Lead Architect: Eric Lu ,Key Liu
Project team: Alessandro Sadone
Design Area: 53,000sqm