Building concept:
The proposal is to design a typical mix use tower 45 floors tower in Malaysia, a tower with podium development. The challenge is to create a human scale at the ground floor retail area. And a building tower for the cities scale. The design is directly translate onto the building fa├žade by different density of the grid and external column sizes. The gridded facade becomes self-organised unit divider with 8 different balcony, louvre and window component systems to host different sizes of flats and rooms. In the high rise area will adopt the wider grid which can be seen read far end of the city/ urban scale. And the the low rise to retail area the grid will be much dense and grid becomes door frames and smaller units/ human scale.

Project Title: NC Plaza
Client: Crescendo Corporation Bhd
Year: 2013
Project Status: Design Proposal
Project Team:
Designer architect: MAUD-(Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning) UK
Lead Architect: Johnathan Pipper
Project team: Kris Hsiao, Yusen Chou
Design Area: 60,552 sqm