NW Beijing Inc. Research Centre & Offices

The research centre for the applications of computer technology is located at the intersection of a motorway, bordering the facilities of IT company NW research. The proposal consists of office buildings, laboratories and experimental workshops. The greatest possible degree of spatial flexibility was specified, in order to be able to incorporate new machinery and technical resources without interfering in day to day centre operations. Maxthreads’ primary intention was to create instantly recognizable buildings for the research centre that was vivid in its individuality, with flexibility being one of the key objectives.

The link bridge is an immediately identifiable route that creates a unique journey and makes the most of each space. The project was designed overall in an inter-locking L- shaped complex, and the building structure is lifting the buildings up to the 1st floor level. A main foot bridge is connection all sections of NW research building. The overall masterplan provided through water treatments which collect and generates a new wetland biological pond.

Project team : Max Yang, Eve Lee, Christine Hsu, Thomas Henz
Design Area: 13 Acres
Year: 2011
Project Status: under construction- expected to be completed 2016
External Consultant: Beijin investment Inc/ Local