Peimen College

Building concept:
The concept for the the new Peimen college Multi-purpose hall design is derived from its nature envoirnment of Peimen college, the build is set in front of a retention pond. The idea is to create a inter-relationship between the pond and the class room through its north facing fa├žade by creating a court yard formation floor plan. This way the building is minimise to the sunlight exposure of southern Taiwan hot temperature during the summer.

The building form is reflected to the traditional local building technique- brick walls. Our proposal will be first robotic building in Asia. Currently its under construction drawing stage.

Client: National Peimen college of agriculture
Year: 2016
Project Status: under construction
Project Team:Designer architect:
MAUD-(Maxthreads Architecture Urban Design)UK
Lead Architect: Key Liu, Eric Lu
Project team: Alessandro Sadone
Local delivery architect: Emerge Architect Taipei Taiwan
Design Area: 5,450 sqm