MAUD KHH College

Building concept:
The Design of the new multi-purpose hall for National Feng Shan Senior High School will be continue the current historical layout of the school and becoming the new entrance building. The initial building design concept is derives from the existing urban concept, a 40 feet wide road with 2 rows of tall palm tree. The head of the school have identify those trees are the key memorable moments for the students and staff for over 30 years. The building was intersected in the way to host those trees at the same time enhancing the vertical reading of the school gateway.

The project was completed through a rigorous design investigation using quantities analysis and precedent research to help inform design decisions that can reduce energy, water and solar exposure. The main vertical circulation is located in the entrances behind the louvres allows nature ventilation and creating a strong vertical reading to the public.

Client: National Feng Shan Senior High School
Year: 2014
Project Status: Design Proposal
Project Team:Designer architect:
MAUD-(Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning) UK
Lead Architect: Kris Hsiao, Key Liu, Shuan Pei Chun
Project team:, Dorothy Liu, Jack Kang
Local Architect: Infinite Architects and Planers Kaohsiung Taiwan
Design Area: 4,800 sqm