Taiwan National Chao Ton College

The initial concept for the school of mechanical engineering was to meet each criteria for a complete ECO Green Building for 21st century Taiwan. The future of mechanical engineering lies on automation, the use of renewable energies and the optimisation of mechanical system. Maxthreads’ proposal introduces sun tracking devices, enhancing solar energy collection, while slow moving solar panels and louvers represent the nature of mechanical engineering.

The design accepts the manipulation of ground and articulation of structure as a new typology of landscape, allowing some interior spaces to become external, and vice versa. The building consists of a main block and semi-public square, which is connected by a large existing landscape that integrates seamlessly with architecture.

Project team : Max Yang, Jonathan Piper, Christine Hsu
Design Area: 1,800 sqm
Year: 2011
Project Status: completed
External Consultant: Chen Architect/ Taiwan Local