Dukla of Sports

The initial design concept was driving by the history of its place, Pardubice, a long history of sports background, this gives the most strong character of the place.

Our new proposal for the Dukla Sport landscape park will inject not only the modern sports complex facility, but integrating the community as a whole.

Creating a sports city not only function for the professional’s but contributing for its civil activity daily.

The long term visual is to create its strong city sports character and yet bringing a new vibrant community and civil public space for Pardubice.

Proposal For: Dukla of Sports
Competition Organisers: Pardubice City Government, Czech Republic
Year: 2016
Project Title: Dukla Sports Landscape Park
Site area: 45,000 sqm
Budget: 20,000,000 CZK
Project Team: Max Yang
Key Liu
Eli She
Eric Lu
Demi Chen