Varese Theater Design Proposal

The landscape pattern generate an arbitrary grid that module the site area. It create pocket, opportunity, activities. Everything is subordinated to this guideline, the building too.

The design of theatre emerges and rises up from the ground with a sculpture form.

The theatres is connect, visually and by ground to the plaza and to the ‘’via Ravasi’’ multi-functional area.

It includes 1,500 seats, a stage tower for every kind of performance and provides public space for temporary expositions on an upper level.

The complex of via Ravasi includes a Mix used Residential- Office buildings and a parking area on the podium.

A double glazing façade control the sunlight protecting the building in a diamond shape. The Masterplan pattern generates this form too.

The other multifunctional building include on the podium commerce- welfare ASL office and tertiary. Upon it rises up like a precious stone a multipurpose hall with 350 seats.

The Masteplan links and generate connection to the surrounding parts and to the distant one like railway station and to via Manzoni, landing of the tourists that came by car from Malpensa International Airport.

Proposal For: Varese Theater Design Proposal
Competition Organizers: City of Varese, Italy
Company Name: MAUD-(Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning) UK
Year: 2015
Project Title: Varese Theater Design Proposal
Project Status: Competition proposal Project Team: Alessandro Sardone, Key Liu Project Size: 36000 sqm