Hakka Cultural Museum - Taiwan

Our design for the Taiwan Hakka Culture Museum was inspired by the natural topography of the Muilai Ton Lou mountainous area and traditional Hakka social structure. The Hakka civilization has provided adaptations to the new land, and at the same time balanced with nature. The design approaches with emphasis on the strong relationship between the museum and existing natural landscape topography.

Clustering museums give opportunity to intersect the nature and landscape elements, creating more a intimate approach for visitors. Blurring the boundary between both artificial walls and nature, through a series of differentiated cladding component contributes to the striking entryway to the museum. The facade creates dappled light, animated space, and controls and diffuses natural illumination.

Project team : Max Yang, Christabel Lee
Design Area: 580,000 sqm
Year: 2009
Project Status: Concept Design/ Competition
External Consultant: N/A