Light of Eli

The light of Eli was created for a luxury private home in the heart of Taipei city. The brief set was to design a light shade that would be one of kind, in a residential building, to be praised in its use of wood as the material for its wooden minimal design interior. The design was inspired by the light and the shadow effect of the vivid Taipei city, its overall organic form chosen from 32 pre-3D printed form that was created to study this light effect. The final form chosen for its stability, is still delicate enough to reflect the michelin star style food served on its dining table. The form of the light gives the user a consistent experience and becomes a sculpture piece in the house.

The build-up of the lighting was complied with just over 300 pieces of laser cut timber strips. This waffle structure creates a lightweight and semi-transparent lighting effect for the dining room.

Client: Private client
Year: 2015
Project Status: Made
Project team :
Designer architect: MAUD-(Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning) UK
Lead Architect: Eli Shie, Key Liu, Dorothy Tsao, Max Yang
Material: Recycled timber sheet
Size: 240cmx 45cm