The Drop

The Drop was our first prototype for lighting design, to be placed in the home of a private client. The design was inspired by the light and the shadow effect of the vivid Taipei city, its overall organic form chosen from 15 pre-3D printed form that was created to study this light effect. The lighting effect will cast light ray like strips onto the minimal designed interior space, it is a kind of illusion and creates an exciting visual language for the space.

The build-up of the lighting was complied with just over 130 pieces of laser cut timber strips. A waffle structure is made to suit a lightweight and semi-transparent lighting effect for the living room.

Client: Private client
Year: 2015
Project Status: Made
Project team :
Designer architect: MAUD-(Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning) UK
Lead Architect: Eli Shie, Key Liu, Dorothy Tsao, Max Yang
Material: Recycled timber sheet
Size: 120cmx 35cm